Residential Cleans


sanitize sinks

disinfect counter tops and cupboard exteriors

clean hood fan and backsplash

clean all appliance exteriors

clean interior/exterior of toaster and microwave

sweep, vacuum and wash floors


clean mirrors

disinfect counter tops and sinks and exterior of cupboards

clean toilets, showers and bathtubs

sweep, vacuum and handwash floors


dust/wet wipe all furniture

make beds

vacuum rugs/carpets

sweep, vacuum and wash floors

Living Room/Dining Room

dust/wet wipe all furniture

vacuum rugs/carpets

sweep, vacuum and wash floors

I also dust/wet wipe all lights/switches, marks on walls,  window ledges, door frames and baseboards throughout the house.

Construction Cleans

Construction cleans are quite similar to a residential clean. The only difference being that all the interiors of cupboards get cleaned and there is usually no furniture.

Commercial Cleans


Lunch Rooms

Staff Rooms

Board Rooms





Savvy Cleaning Services has WSIB coverage as well as private business insurance.

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